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Spider solitaire, the King of all card games, is a classic solitaire game. Play spider solitaire free online.
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Spider Solitaire Games;

Spider Solitaire

A fun game of Spider Solitaire; Move all the cards in the correct sequence to win.

Solitaire Spider

This solitaire card game is based on the classic Spider Solitaire game...

Crystal Spider Solitaire

Play spider solitaire with 3 difficulty levels; Spider solitaire in easy, medium and hard mode.

Spider Solitaire Game

In this solitaire game the cards must have the same suit and be in ascending order

Avalon Spider Solitaire

This is a remake of the original spider solitaire card game.

Solitaire spider

One of the most played solitaire games in the world. The classic game of spider solitaire.

Casino Spider Solitaire

Lose yourself in this solitaire card game for hours...

Spades Spider Solitaire

Build sequences of cards in suit from aces up, in as little moves as possible.

Spider Patience Plus

The goal of this solitaire card game is to move all cards to the foundation in the correct order..


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How to play Spider Solitaire ?

Below you will find a brief guide on how to play this solitaire card game.

Spider Solitaire Rules:

Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. Depending on the degree of difficulty; easy, normal or hard, with one, two or four colors.
The main objective of this solitaire game is to remove all cards from the table.

Initially, 54 cards are dealt to the table in ten piles, face down except for the top cards. The remaining cards are piled in the lower-right of the game.
You win by removing all the cards. This is done by building columns from top to bottom or king to ace. Piles in rank or sequences can be moved together. In advanced and expert levels, the cards must be the same color.

If you can build a column in the correct order this column disappears.

If you can not make any more moves, click the pile at the bottom of the playing field. A new set of cards will be automatically dealt.



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